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  • Patient Safety for C-Arm Guided Interventional Pain Management

    C-arm guided interventional pain management procedures, such as epidural injections and nerve blocks, can be effective in relieving chronic pain, but they also carry potential risks for patient safety. To minimize these risks, healthcare providers should follow best practices for patient safety.

  • Basic C-Arm Technique for IPM

    C-arm fluoroscopy is an imaging technique frequently used in interventional pain management procedures. Before starting the procedure, the area of interest is assessed and the patient is positioned on the table in a way that optimizes access to the target structure and minimizes unnecessary radiation exposure. The C-arm is then positioned accordingly to obtain the desired image. The image can be adjusted for contrast, brightness, and magnification to maximize visualization of the target area. During the procedure, the use of intermittent fluoroscopy is recommended to further reduce radiation exposure. Additionally, proper radiation safety protocols such as shielding and minimizing the operator’s proximity to the radiation source should be followed. Overall, the use of C-arm fluoroscopy in interventional pain management procedures can improve outcomes and increase safety for both the patient and the operator. This presentation is the basics I present for c-arm guided workshops.